4/24/2019 10:03:01 AM 
Amsterdam NativeScript Stories

Each year, Progresses most talented NativeScript developers and lecturers are gathered in Amsterdam for two-day sessions and workshops. Since we have been a part of the NativeScript community for a year now, we’ve decided to upgrade our dev game and become the Silver Sponsor of the worlds biggest NativeScript Developer Day conference and take our three teammates to learn about the latest trends in NS development.

In this article we are gonna show you the latest news from the NativeScript 2019 conference!

Day One - NativeScript at Work

We’ve started our Amsterdam adventures with an all-day workshop from Sebestian Witalec who teamed up with the member of NativeScript Core Development Team to showcase the examples of NativeScript development process at work.

About fifty developers with various backgrounds joined to learn about the NativeScript technology in general and how to use their existing Angular knowledge to build beautiful, well performant native applications on real-life examples.

Learning from those Guys and share experiences from development trenches was very useful for all participating members of Comminus Team. For all of you who want's to find out more and check how to build NativeScript apps with Angular from the scratch, there is quite nice guidance here.


Day Two - Let's talk about the future in NativeScript

To wrap up the practical knowledge shared during the day one, NativeScript team held the all-day sessions and discussion at the Nationationale Nederlanden building. Along with more than hundred developers from all over the world, we’ve had the opportunity to listen about the latest trends and the future of NativeScript technology.

There were a lot's of interesting topics presented which could be grouped in few tracks like platform roadmap, security, cloud platforms integration, news from integration with popular frameworks like Vue.js and Angular and general tips and tricks. So we've learned methodology how is built and what is next on NativeScript roadmap, tips and tricks in building well performant user interfaces, what to be careful about regarding securing NativeScript apps, what possibilities are provided in integration with Firebase, how to use Azure Cognitive Service in our native apps, how to share code between Angular web applications and NativeScript native apps, got in depth with core architecture of NativeScript itself and many more.

Wrap up

We are glad that we've found out that Comminus's choice of technology for building native applications is going in a good direction, the development community is strong and growing. With more features coming every day, we are looking forward to the next NativeScript Developer Day.

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