7/17/2019 8:51:17 AM 
We’ve Partnered up with Progress!

Comminus is proud to announce a partnership with Progress, a renowned company which offers technology for developing business applications! Such a significant collaboration will without a doubt be beneficial for our work, so we are taking a moment to present to you Progress’ products and technologies which we have adopted and will be using on our projects.

Our trip to the Netherlands to a NativeScript conference, aside from being educational and inspiring, resulted in another big news! We are proudly introducing our new partnership with Progress, a company leading the Big Data revolution in quality business apps empowered with the latest technology! From their technology portfolio, Comminus has opted for Kinvey, an application development platform, and Sitefinity, a user-friendly web CMS.  Here are some facts to get you started with the technology news!



What is Progress? 

Progress (Progress Software Corporation) is an American company with headquarters in Massachusetts, which operates in 16 offices spread all over six continents. Progress offers technology for developing and deploying business applications including adaptive user experience, mobility, serverless cloud, cognitive services, data connectivity and integration, and web experience management. 

They collaborate with more than 2000 partner companies and have developed more than 5000 applications which have around 6 million users worldwide. Progress offers cloud-based platforms and solutions for serverless application development for mobile, web and chat applications. 

Their idea is to empower apps with data, reduce the amount of time spent on writing code, and help companies accelerate digital innovation without employing a great number of different professionals.


What is Kinvey? 

Kinvey by Progress, an application development platform, is one of the two new products Comminus has implemented. Kinvey is unique because it combines low-code development with high productivity, flexibility, and scalability. Kinvey platform is based on JavaScript and the process of building both simple and complex applications takes up less time, while it is still possible to run the apps natively across various platforms and channels, such as iOS, Android, web, etc.

The platform provides developers with significant control over their code and offers great customer experience since its architecture is adapted to successfully handle contemporary workloads and business needs. Another interesting part of the platform is Kinvey Chat, an AI-based technology which operates in 72 languages and with the help of which you can develop and deploy purpose-built chatbots for private and secure business communication on iOS, Android and the web.


Picture 1: Kinvey platform (source: Progress)


What is Sitefinity? 

Sitefinity is a user-friendly web CMS and another Progress product adopted by Comminus. Sitefinity facilitates content creation, management, and deployment in many ways, such as providing users with the options of inline editing and managing multiple sites from one interface, integrated SEO tools, drag-and-drop tools which speed up the designing process, and much more. 

Its predictive analytics ensures that developers are directed towards creating relevant and meaningful content which is of utmost importance for quality digital experience and customer experience. It has proved to be useful for both developers and marketing professionals since it enables the former to create websites quickly and frees the latter from too much dependence on IT.


Picture 2: Sitefinity CMS (source: Progress)


Progress Technology Used by Comminus so Far

Our colleagues have already been working on projects implemented on the Sitefinity platform and have been using NativeScript framework. They have also for years been using Telerik tools by Progress. 

During the last 15 years, we have strived to develop the best possible products which will be effective, user-friendly, and adjusted according to clients' business needs. Technologies provided by Progress will certainly help to achieve that goal and take the quality of our work to the next level. 

Reading endless success stories by various renowned companies such as ABB and Schneider Electric, who have significantly improved their businesses with the help of Progress products and solutions, gives us great motivation to continue our cooperation with Progress, especially now as it has been enhanced by partnership.


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