3/27/2019 8:17:51 PM 
Comminus is a Silver sponsor of NativeScript Developer Day 2019
In a search for knowledge (and a little bit of fun) we are attending one of the biggest NativeScript Development conferences in the world, held in Amsterdam!

Comminus has been a member of the NativeScript development community for a year now which is why we decided to step up the dev game and become a Silver sponsor of this year's Conference.  

NativeScript Developer Day will be taking place from 11th - 12th of April and three of our team members will be joining workshops and lectures held by various speakers from the NativeScript community.

What is NativeScript?

Imagine building an iOS and Android application from one code, with minimum interventions and with optimized app performance? Well, that is exactly what NativeScript is helping web developers do.

Founded in 2014, NativeScript is an open-source framework for mobile application development conceived and developed by Progress. This cutting-edge mobile technology caught our attention a couple of years ago,  but it was last year when it proved to be a one-stop-shop for a successful, optimized and timely-efficient business solution. Our experience using NativeScript ranges from app's for startups in the sports industry all the way to PoC's.

Why NativeScript?

High-quality mobile applications are the 21. centuries ultimatum for both B2B and B2C business solutions. To stay on top of the dev game, it is of the crucial importance to keep up with the platform-specific knowledge which is where NativeScript hops in and our cross-platforms knowledge pays off!

Before, we did native applications in similar technologies like Cordova or Xamarin, but with NativeScript we got the possibility to integrate our knowledge of web development in technologies like Angular to build high-performance mobile apps.

Compared to Cordova, NativeScript has a far greater performance due to the technology architecture itself. In contrast to the Xamarin development learning curve, it enables those with web development skills to create mobile apps with minimal additional training. In other words, NativeScript is the bare optimum for the IT business that wants to stay competitive on the market. Read more about the NativeScript on the official NativeScript website.