5/9/2018 4:52:20 PM Mario Pilija, Application Development Team Lead
Microsoft Build 2018
Once again, being only participant from Croatia, Comminus is attending the biggest developers conference in the world -  Microsoft Build. This year, we traveled to Seattle to whiteness latest news in developers world, gather new exciting ideas which we will surley implement in software development process.
Picture 1Just for little introduction, it's all about the largest Microsoft event specially designed for Developers. It's around from 2011. and it's gathering few thousands souls from all over the world. For Microsoft, this is a platform to present new technologies and strategy for next year. According to current info, this year, conference is the largest so far. So, let’s bring on few things from last two days that came into my focus. In general, it’s all about AI(Artificial Intelligence). When I say AI, I mean AI on everything (IoT) :)

On a first day, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, internal organizational areas of development in Microsoft: Azure and Microsoft 365 (Windows + Office 365). In terms of that, lots of announcements and releases were made in both sectors with corresponding sessions that are happening currently. As could have been expected, we saw lots of cool new features and upgrades of familiar technologies as:
  • .NET Core 2.1
    • Signal R Support
    • Blazor - Web Assembly support
  • Service Fabric
  • C# 8.0
  • News in DevOps(VSTS, GIT …)
  • Angular 6
But also a bunch of new stuff as:
  • ML.NET (Machine learning .NET – yes that’s right J :)
  • Azure IoT Edge
Of course, Microsoft brought up big players to show how did they used those technologies for solving their business problems so we saw how NBA collects data about players by analyzing petabytes of videos and images made during the games or how did Starbucks upgrade their service by offering app for their customers managed on Azure.

One fascinating thing that was shown on keynote was drone that had deployed machine learning algorithm for recognizing defects on pipes (possible usage in industry) by computer vision. The trick was that algorithm was run on drone itself – no connection to any server was made! Things that were just few years ago unimaginable are today possible. Machine learning algorithm was deployed as container on drone via Azure IoT Edge. Many more applications of this technologies were shown on areas of accessibilities, various industries… Devices can think now!

All those technologies are just pieces of puzzle of big picture.
Due to infrastructure, Microsoft pointed out that with their Azure network, they are practically building worldwide computer(Skynet ?!).
Also, partnership with Amazon was announced in terms of exchanging AI databases and knowledge (we saw demo where Alexa communicates with Cortana and they have integrated services).

All those things for the first time ever lead, as Satya Nadella pointed out, that we are in position where we must ask ourselves: “What AI should do, not what can do?”.


Going to have a glass of wine (didn’t know that Washington state is second wine manufacturer in USA – shame on me :) and take a rest for final Build day to collect more insights about new, sexy technologies.

Future is now!

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