11/11/2020 3:38:01 PM Comminus
All the Benefits of ISVs Moving to the Cloud

As a Microsoft partner, Comminus provides help to ISVs that wish to migrate their infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. Learn how your business can benefit from that migration and check out how the process goes on our virtual Microsoft Teams webinar!

As it has become progressively popular and widespread, the cloud has had a significant impact on many industries and the ways they approach their data storage and security, sales, applications they use etc. Naturally, the independent software vendor (ISV) industry faced a transformation as well, since building scalable apps is of great importance when it comes to customer attainment and retention.

First of all, let's make clear what is exactly an ISV. As Microsoft Partner Network blog explains, an ISV is an individual or an organization which develops, markets and sells software that runs on third-party software and hardware platforms, including Microsoft's. In contrast to in-house software used exclusively by the company which developed it, or custom software made specifically for a third-party, software products (typically applications) developed and sold by an ISV can be run on various platforms, while the cloud, a public one or a cloud marketplace, figures as a vehicle for the software delivery. Microsoft Azure is one of those vehicles and thanks to its versatility and the promptness of innovation offering, it can be highly beneficial to businesses which seek to lower costs, increase sales, expand into new markets and have access to the latest IT trends.

Having been a long-term Microsoft partner with significant technical experience and multiple certified experts in many IT fields, Comminus can provide guidance to ISVs that wish to migrate to Azure and digitally transform their businesses. Therefore, we have prepared a virtual webinar in which our colleagues will present the benefits of migration to Azure in two 1-hour sessions.


We are pleased to invite all software companies that want to explore new possibilities to join us on November 27, 2020 on Microsoft Teams! You can register here: https://tinyurl.com/y2xwgpwd or learn more about our offerings here: https://isv.comminus.hr


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